SO, you've taken the Streams Ministries courses 'The Art of Hearing God' and 'Understanding Dreams and Visions'... WHAT NOW?! (For more info on Streams courses if you haven't taken them yet, click here)

Here in the Greenhouse you'll find various options to help nurture and develop your Dream Interpretation skills while connecting with others on the same journey. See below for info on



watering-canOnline Mentoring Classes-

Join an online classroom of students as we learn to interpret dreams and much more!

You will also learn how to see the symbolic language of dream interpretation in ways that will help you unlock dreams more effectively and develop new skills in how to present an interpretation in different settings, to different people: be it on the mission field or in your church.
We have afternoon and evening courses in 5 week blocks: 1 class per week each lasting 1 hour.
To book your place click here
Feedback from someone who took the mentoring class: "Mentoring classes are soooo awesome,challenging and growth provoking, worth every Aussie Dollar, Scottish pound, Euro, drop of sweat and tear of joy ...."
 DreamHouse Groups .... coffee, cake, sofas, dreams laughs and more!
coffeeThe concept is simple! Get together to interpret dreams with training and support from the Dream House. The result is an increase in understanding God's symbolic language, growth of your gift through prophetic exercises and new friendships with like-minded folk.
We have groups in
If you are interested please contact us and we will put you in touch with a group in your area.                                                                                                                                                  
 Dream Intensives - events you can attend to hone your gifts and connect with others.
These events can help you further develop and fast track your dream interpretation skills in a classroom setting. We will practise lots of dreams, give you some of our best tips after years of toil to make this journey easier and more fascinating than ever.
Details of the next Dream Intensive: tbc




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