Welcome to our kitchen – come in and make yourself at home!

In this room we're inviting you to pull up a chair around our kitchen table and chat with us about your dreams - this is where you can get some help with the dreams that you're stuck on. We're offering you the opportunity of 1-2-1 coaching from us.

We're assuming you've taken some training in the Ancient Hebraic Method of Dream Interpretation, so we're looking for you to have done some of the work. You will see on the form  that we're asking you to provide us not only with details of the dream, but also the interpretation you have so far - then we'll give you feedback and coaching, helping you to progress with your interpretation. This will involve a 2-part process. We'll give you some initial feedback to help you attempt a final interpretation. Once you send that back to us, we'll then give you feedback and mentoring on your final interpretation to help bring it to a conclusion. Learning in this way really helps you to develop your dream interpretation skills.

Each coaching session will take approximately 1 hour of our time, and we will try to complete your feedback within 14 days of you sending us the dream and interpretation. However, at times of high kettledemand this may not be possible - we will advise you if this is the case. We will be looking for you to send us back your 2nd attempt at interpretation with 7 days of receiving our initial feedback

To start your coaching session please click here for full details

If, however, you would like us to do all the work and interpret your dream for you, then you will need to go through into our Living Room, please click here.

You are in the Kitchen


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