Living Room

Welcome to our living room – come in and make yourself at home!

This room has been created with you in mind – it's where you can tell us your dreams.

We don't mind if they're wild, scary, recurring, comforting or mind-blowingly awesome!

You may have had the dream years ago, or maybe just last night – if you want to know what it means we need you to type out as much as you can remember and answer a few questions about the dream (and you!)


Once you have submitted the dream for interpretation, one of our interpreters will give your dream their personal attention.

Our aim is to get the interpretation to you within 14 days, however, as each dream takes approximately one hour to interpret at times of high demand this may not always be possible. We will notify you if this is the case.

If you would like us to interpret your dream, please click here. 
Once you have received the interpretation for your dream you might want to give a donation to help cover the costs of running this website. If you do, then please click here:

If you would like find out how you can start interpreting your own dreams using this method then please purchase Heather's book which is available via Amazon. (Click on the cover image to be redirected) or alternatively you can download it as an ebook from the Resources section in our shop

You are in the Living Room



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