floor-lampWelcome to the Study, in this space we have articles and teaching about dreams.

Dream training with John Paul Jackson 

A series of YouTube Clips in which John-Paul interprets a wide range of dreams for an hour, face to face with the dreamers.

Heather's Blog

Heather's blog makes comment on a variety of topics connected to the world of dreams. Why not click here to join her as she explores the "Whispers in the Night"?

Hanna's Blog

Bild_2011-06-21_kl._14.04_3Hanna is our Swedish coworker. She is writing a blog about the journey of learning to understand and interpret her own dreams and those of other people... follow her trumphant moments and furrowed brows in 'Hanna's Blog'. 
Hanna's blog is currently unavailable - we'll let you know what it is back up and running!

You are in the Study


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